Healthy Living

Welcome to the portion of my blog that will follow my journey to live a healthier life!

This journey has taken on many different looks since I first started being more conscious about my health in 2014.

I was to faced with a doctor who recommended I go on low-dose blood pressure medicine the following year due to my family history with high blood pressure. It was also that year when I remembered an uncle who had died of a heart attack at the age of 26.

Although I wasn’t super overweight, exercise had not been a regular part of my lifestyle and I ate whatever I wanted without thinking about how it affected my health.

After that appointment, I started seeking out ways for me to make healthier lifestyle decisions.

Fast forward to 2019, I’m not as fit as I would like. However, even in the midst of working a high stress job, the doctor at my physical for that job made a statement that pushes me forward still today. She said, ” Your blood pressure is normal. I guess it is possible to live outside your family history with healthier choices.”

I hope that by following along with me, you too will be encouraged to make little healthier choices, which will add up to big results as we stay consistent with making them.