Trust in the Growth

As I looked up from the book I was reading, I felt a nudge to take a picture of the plant I brought from our home in New Jersey. It’s one of the biggest indoor house plants I had and the one houseplant I accidentally set on fire by placing a candle too close.

A few weeks ago, I cut off some of the branches that had baked from too much sun exposure, magnified by Justin’s car windows, but now there was new growth growing taller than the previous branches I amputated. 

I believe God can use anything he wants to talk to us and teach us. Jesus used parables often when speaking to his followers. 

Since my last post, my heart has been tender. It has clung to the not knowing with a constant reminder of “It’s okay to not know.” For a heart that wants to know all, or even just a part of the details, the idea of not knowing isn’t a pleasant one. 

But as God nudged me to take a picture, he also wanted me to see what I needed to see– new growth. 

New growth is hard. Sometimes the dead pieces must be removed to allow room for new shoots to push through the dirt. 

New growth is fragile. It can easily be broken off as it has yet to gather the strength it will need to survive. 

It leans into the sun, gaining height and strength, but it requires gentleness and needs to be propped up by older, stronger branches or an outside source. While the roots may be deep, the new growth is still vulnerable to bending and breaking if it’s not properly supported.

But oh, the life and refreshment that comes from new growth!

How much greener the whole plant looks. How much healthier it is when groomed to promote growth!

The same can be said about me. 

The process of “new” hurts. 

Sometimes it feels as if a foreign object has pierced my soil and disrupted the life I had planned. 

Sometimes I resist the new because I know new does not mean easy

New growth can be hard. 

New growth is usually hard. But eventually, I see the beauty. I see the purpose that could not have happened had the old not been cut away. Even so, I must lean into sources that will encourage this growth and strengthen me through the green growth. 

Right now, these sources for me are encouraging, truth speaking podcasts, social media accounts, books, prayer, and the Bible. Some days it’s easier to lean into certain strengthening sources than others, but I’m learning to select and use my resources more wisely these days. 

Lord, open my eyes to see the value of the new– new growth, new plans, better plans than I could have imagined. Help me to keep my eyes focused on you, instead of the growing pains. Help me to learn from the parts being cut away to make room for what is better.

Verse for Today: 

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19 ESV


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