The Big Backyard

Months leading up to this temporary move to San Antonio, I worried, googled, and searched every page I could possibly find to see how terrible it would be to live at the hotel on base with two medium-large sized dogs.

Due to my lack of findings (and annoying Justin enough), we found a furnished house to live in for the 3 months we plan on being in Texas. Then we found another house because I may have liked the interior better in a slightly different one. 😬

One of my favorite things (which I knew it would be), is sitting on our back porch at almost anytime of the day. Except when the mosquitoes swarm. [Apparently the mosquitoes here aren’t affected by citronella candles.]

On the porch is a full sized mesh table surrounded by four chairs, although I only ever sit in the one with the best view of the entire yard. The porch is covered and receives shade most of the day. Even during the hottest part of the day, I enjoy sitting in my shaded area reading and waiting for a breeze to blow through.

Our backyard is large enough to fit approximately 3 school buses, maybe four if it’s chopped in half. In comparison, our yard in New Jersey was one-third this size.

We have one almost tropical looking tree within the yard, a couple of tall bushes that are actually the neighbors’ growing through the fence, and the overhang of two oak trees along the long back wall of the fence.

The oaks, one live and one red, hang three feet above the surface of the yard. They provide the dogs with shade, an abundance of sticks to chew, and a place for their frisbee to be thrown into.

Within the oaks, live a few squirrels who have decided to taunt/entertain Charlie for the length of our residency here. Every day, I hope they don’t fall into our yard for fear of being the clean up crew. I have yet to name them other than Mama and Baby Squirrel. However, I have found they like dog food and peanuts.

The yard is lined with a wooden privacy fence and is composed of mostly dirt. Grass grows sparingly and mostly under the unknown tree. Everywhere else is a crunchy, shrubby, Texas summer grass.

I have a deep desire to reseed the lawn, but since we’ll only be here two more months, I’ll focus on the spaciousness of this yard.

In the morning and late afternoons, doves fly in and out of a neighboring oak tree. I know they visit the older man on the corner who puts out seed for them every day. I’ve seen the large bags of seeds in his yard and the many birds visiting him. He greets the birds with his scruffy, little apricot dog and I wonder if he has a spouse sitting at an open window each morning, watching along with him.

For the first time today, he nodded at me as I drove by and waved. Ten points to Gryffindor!!!

Most days we begin the day in the big backyard. Charlie and Mylo play, watch the wildlife, roll around in the yard, nap, and catch ball as I throw it the length of the yard. I spend most of my time outside reading, writing, and trying to not waste this slow season.

This season is slower than what I would have chosen, but I’m taking it in and letting it restore my soul. I know my next busy season is coming, so for now, I choose to slow down enough to take in the little things like the sight of sun glimmering through trees and the sound the leaves make as the wind passes through them in the big backyard.


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