Just Write

Everything the past few weeks have told me to write. I mean EVERY THING. From books I’ve read, to posts I’ve seen on Instagram and Facebook, encouragement from a friend, and even down to emails I’ve received.

So I’ve been writing a little bit almost every day. In my journal. Where it’s safe. Where my words can’t be twisted and they’re only seen by me and God. But He won’t let up. Now it’s become an issue of obedience.

Over the last week, he’s been telling me that I haven’t been fully following through with what He’s placed in my heart to do because of fear. That means I haven’t been fully trusting Him either because I’ve been letting fear win out.

Have you ever felt like this?

You hear God telling you to do something and you respond with, “Um.. okay. But I’m not ready, so I’m only going to do this little piece over here. That’s better than doing nothing, right?”

But here’s the kicker. Yes, God loves us in the little steps we’re taking, but He doesn’t stop there. And He doesn’t want us to either. He wants ALL of us (every part of us) to pursue Him and the things He puts in our hearts.

As a teen, I used to think if God placed a thought or something in my heart then it was for a particular reason and I should pursue that thing. I think back at how dangerous this could have been, but what if we could get back there? Understanding every little thing means something and every thought comes from somewhere. Whether it’s for us to grow from or to test the waters and see if it’s actually something we could be good at.

Yes, how dangerous our lives would be then!

If you’re wondering if that thing is something God has called you to do, give it a little time. But don’t be stagnant. Pray. Talk it out. Maybe after the first few confirmations, do it and don’t wait around if you keep getting the same message.

Just write (or whatever it is you’re being called to do).

All that to say…

Here I am.

Writing again.


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