30 Days through the Bible: Week 2

It’s Week 2 (read week 1 here) and I’m two days behind in the 30 Day Shred Bible reading plan, but I’m not discouraged and ready to quit like the many times before when I’ve fallen behind in a reading plan.

This week’s course of action has been to read some from the app, use the app to read to me, and read my assigned chapters in my physical Bible. The change up in mediums seems to help me focus better. I’ve also noticed I gain more of the storyline better when I’m reading versus listening to the portions being read to me. Which totally makes sense because I’m better at remembering things I’ve seen.

Here’s some things I’ve noticed since starting this plan:

  • I haven’t watched as much tv as before I started this plan.
  • Even when I’m not reading or listening to the Word, it has infiltrated my thoughts where fear has been. The fear isn’t gone, but “Do not be afraid” also lives there on a regular basis now.
  • I have thought more about what God says is right versus what I think is right. I am seeing God as holy and that my way of living needs to be stood up next to His holiness (especially when I start feeling prideful and think I’m doing good all on my own).

I’m currently in 1 Samuel. One of the repeating themes I’m seeing is God’s love and a million second chances he keeps giving to his chosen people the Israelites.

But I’ve also seen an emphasis on God’s holiness and justice. He is intolerant to those who deliberately disobey his commands. He constantly reminds his people through his commands and the destruction of disobedient people that following God is much more than saying he’s your God or being born into a family who follows him.

He wants something even more than a sacrifice. He desires us to choose his ways over our own.

In Joshua chapter 24, Joshua asks the Israelites to choose who they will serve— the gods of their wayward ancestors or the God who had rescued their ancestors from slavery in Egypt.

I think that’s a great question to pose to myself periodically.

You will you serve?


My job?

The unlimited resources of entertainment brought through the various screens in my life?

The temporary things, even though I know they’re not trustworthy?

Or the One who has proven himself over and over again that He loves and chooses me?

I think you (and myself) already know which one should be chosen. But over and over, just like the Israelites, I make the wrong choices and have my priorities all out of whack.

There’s no mysterious formula I can give to you or myself to combat this tendency.

All we can do is keep returning.

Every single day, it’s a choice that has to be made.

And if we skip and forget, there’s still love every time we return.


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