30 Days through the Bible: Week 1

This begins week one for me of what I’m calling The Resting Season.

We all have seasons we go through in life, and this is my season of having no job, focusing on a few personal things I’ve neglected after putting my all into a job I loved and at times hated the last few years. I have decided to make this season mine while trying to avoid the temptation of binge watching all the movies and shows, and instead, read and pray more.

One of the things I want to focus on is becoming consistent in the time I spend doing Bible studies. I know they fill my mind with truth and help combat those times I feel that I’m going into a downward worry spiral.

While going through study after study is beneficial, I began to wonder if I had spent too much time reading others’ words and relying on others’ comprehension of the Bible without digging into it directly myself.

As I looked through reading plans on The Bible App, I found one that included the entire Bible in 30 days called 30 Day Shred and thought, “What better time to start a daily Bible reading plan than now in my resting season?”

I’m only on day two, but each day is giving me around 38 chapters to read each day. It’s A LOT. But the plan’s designer explains the feat as getting a broad overview of the big picture without focusing too much on the details and to take notice of repeating themes.

So far, this approach has helped me connect people and places throughout Genesis and Exodus because I have just read about them a few hours ago, rather than a few days ago.

I’m skimming over some chapters (especially those with lots of genealogy info), and taking full advantage of the app reading to me while I’m doing household chores or driving in the car. At other times, I’m turning back to previous chapters to double check the connections I think I’m making.

Even if I fall behind, I’m already confident there will be benefits.

Plus, I’ve wasted way more time being entertained on Netflix than I’ve spent the last two days combined reading my Bible.


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