He is not the Burger King


What do I think of God? Let’s just start off this second half of the year, and my first blog post of 2018 with a doozy of a question.

Yeah, it’s a hard question, but I think a necessary one to ask periodically because it reveals a bit of my heart that I’ve been too busy to listen to.

What started this question is this quote:

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.     A.W. Tozer

I think we humans tend to pick and choose who God is based on what characteristics appeal to us. We can also pick and choose scripture based on our own agendas. Surely, I’m not the only one who has heard someone pull a single verse out that conveniently justifies their actions.

But you see, if I really believe what God’s Word says about his character, and if I believe that he is true, then I must accept all parts of him- the parts I understand and the parts I don’t.

Either God and His Word are true, or they’re not.

So here’s what I am choosing with all my might to believe this year.

  • God and His Word are so true that sometimes I’m not going to be able to understand His character or what I’ve read. There’s still a separation between what I am able to understand because I simply am not God. 1 Cor 13:12 
  • I will not get discouraged by what I don’t understand, but trust that I don’t have to understand how everything works to believe.
  • God’s Word is true and He will reveal Himself to those who have received Him. 1 Cor 2:10-12

Instead of leaving you with an unanswered question, I will leave you with an overly simplified answer of who I think God is.

God is good, just, gracious, and merciful. He is continually saving me from my own sinful nature. Why He has chosen to pursue me is still a mystery. He is Creator, Healer, Destroyer, Redeemer. He is Joy and Sorrow. He is Light shredding through darkness. He is constant and faithful. He is trustworthy and acts of His own accord. He is wonderful and scary at the same time. He is more powerful than whatever fears haunt me. He is everything and more than I have words to describe. And He still chooses us less than humans to pursue in love.

There’s so much more that God is. But for now, I ask you, What do you think of God?



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