But the year is not over

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My favorite season is ending. It feels like I haven’t really taken advantage of my summer the way I had hoped. Work was busy with numerous events and with us being super understaffed, I would often volunteer to help out. My hopes for this year have taken second place to work.

But the year is not over. Even as school starts for some and it’s almost the 9th month of the year, this year is not over. Those things I wanted to do don’t have to be put off until January. The same goes for you!

One of those items on my list was to spend time writing and share my pictures more. I haven’t really done that, but the year is not over (I think I need to put this on my bathroom mirror!).

Step one started today. I brought out my camera and shot a few frames. In order to share quicker and get out of the editing slump, I’m going to avoid shooting in RAW. I know this may sound like a big no-no to my photographer friends, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel the freedom from not editing and share more 🙂

If you’re feeling a bit defeated like I am, I’m here to tell you that today is the perfect time to dig out your goal list and start making a step toward one of those goals. You’ve got this.

Your year is not over.

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