Don’t be a poor, naked zombie

There was a time when I would beat myself up over not getting every item on my checklist done. That time was just a few days ago.

I’m a list builder and can easily come up with a list of at least 20 things I want to accomplish any given day ranging from simple house chores to larger organization projects and things that need to happen this month. The problem is that my motivation or time allotted for my list is much smaller than the ever-growing list.

It’s the beginning of the year and it’s so easy to become over zealous with the prospect of the new start, but I find there is one huge flaw that comes with my desire to create better—the illusion of a perfect life.

How shiny and enchanting a life would be if only every box were checked, every desire fulfilled, every corner of my house clean, every clothing item cleaned, every sink toothpaste free, and every animal hair swept away. But then I would be naked and a zombie and poor from hiring a maid or doing all the things. A poor, naked zombie. Yeah, that sounds nice and shiny and enchanting.

Instead of being a poor, naked zombie or beating myself up because at least half my list didn’t even get touched, I’m taking one day at a time and whatever doesn’t get done today can go on tomorrow’s list. If it still doesn’t get done three weeks from the original list, then maybe it actually wasn’t that important.

I’m tired of being upset about yesterday’s mini failures. They’re not failures because I still got stuff done and maybe because I wasn’t glued to my list, I was able to live more and be more flexible with what was more important. I would rather have a few unchecked boxes and live focused on what’s more important than have a list completed.

Today, I will give myself more grace and more unchecked boxes.

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