3 Tips to Sharpen Your Axe

Every now and then, I need some hard words that speak truth down deep and cause me to really think about where I am and where I’m moving to. So if you’re not one of those people who can take hard words, you might want to skip this post 😉

There’s a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln that goes, “Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”

His point was that preparation is key to any task. Don’t blame the tree for being too hard to cut down. Blame the axe for not being sharp enough.

If I’m not happy with where I am right now, it’s because I have let myself become a dull axe. I could blame my circumstances, or even those around me, but what it really gets down to is that I have become lazy and dull.

If I want success, I have to take the time to work on me.

Maybe the reason for not getting the job you want, the friendships you want, or the body you want, is that you’re focusing too much on the task when what you really should be focusing on is the preparation.

Life is hard. Life can keep going the way it is now, or it can be better and more. You’re either moving forward or moving backward. There is no staying where you are now. And it starts with making smarter choices right now. 

3 Ways to Sharpen Your Axe

  • Read/Listen to Personal Development Books or Podcasts for 10 minutes a day. This can be any thing that encourages you to move forward (ask me if you need suggestions). Doing this may mean listening to an ebook while folding laundry or cooking.
  • Surround yourself with people who are going in the direction you want to go. Like attracts like. If you have a friend who is super motivated or is someone you look up to, make an effort to become her good friend. You’ll be amazed at how her good habits rub off on you. If you don’t have a person like this, be that person! Act as if you’ve already made it to where you want to go and you’ll pick up some likeminded people along the way.
  • Schedule a few hours a week to work on your task. You already know your task. It’s been something you’ve wanted to do for awhile, but just haven’t made the time for it yet. There’s no better time than today. You’re life will always be busier. So if you don’t see your task as important enough to schedule time out for it, how do you expect anyone else to work their schedule around yours?

If you’re still feeling stuck, let me know! Sometimes it does take another brain to weed out all the extra stuff to narrow down a path that works for you.

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