The Step You Don’t Want to Take

I’ve heard it a lot. I’ve repeated it back to myself. When things get hard, I remind myself of it.

The things worth doing are hard. 

It’s easy to do the easy things. They take very little willpower and very little worry. Very little courage. Very little vulnerability is required of me.

But the things that matter, they stretch us. They challenge us. They make us take a deep breath and take a step into the unknown.

To paraphrase Dave Ramsey, If I want things I have never had before, I am going to have to do some things I have never done before.

Yesterday, I did something scary. I did something I had only briefly thought about and quickly dismissed the idea in years past. I signed up to run a half marathon! I can still remember when we were in Texas and I felt like I was dying just trying to run one whole mile without stopping.

I paid the fee, I locked in my spot, and now it’s becoming real. I’m actually going to do this thing I once told myself it was impossible for me to do.

I’ve heard that whatever you’re scared to do, that is the exact thing you should do. So, what is it that scares you?

It’s time. It’s your time to do that one thing you keep pushing out of your mind because it’s too hard.

This month, I would like to do something for the few who are ready to pursue the hard. I want to set aside 3 days this month to  work closely with you in determining what your hard thing is and creating practical steps to get you to your goals. Comment below for details.

Happy February!

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