This week, I wanted to write something to teach you something important. I searched articles about sleep and health related topics. But I think what is really needed right now is me to share an important lesson I didn’t learn from any news source. Something that’s a little more personal.

I didn’t grow up in a super negative household or with a family that tried to be super perfect. But as I became an adult, I became aware of my failures and began to beat myself up for not being enough. I’m not sure what I thought was enough, but I knew I wasn’t it.

I felt like all my dreams as a child had vanished as adulthood brought on a new set of challenges. My dreams would forever be dreams. I couldn’t impact anyone because who would listen to me? I couldn’t pursue things bigger than myself because I didn’t have the resources to do so. I would never reach my potential because I couldn’t even reach these smaller goals I had.

The self hatred was there. It would hide for awhile and then spring up at the next no I heard.

I sought smaller dreams because I thought I wasn’t worth the larger ones, although the smaller dreams never really felt like mine; never fulfilling.

In April of last year, I did something hard. I completed my first workout program from start to finish. I was proud of myself for the first time in a long time.

I began to love who I was when I realized I was worth it. I was worth working hard for. My dreams are worth it. My worth didn’t come from the praise of others or fitting into a smaller size of clothing, but from realizing that I am enough for me. It also helped when I was reminded of who God saw me as. He called me Worthwhile.

Friend, you are Worthwhile. You are Important. You have a unique gift to share with others. You don’t have to be any more than you are right now. You will not please everyone, but your worth is not defined by outside sources. You have a right to love yourself just as you are right now.

I’m not writing this to tell you to lose weight, or buy a program from me. What I am telling you is that there are too many sources out there telling us we’re not enough and reminding us of past failures. I think it’s time to build each other (and ourselves) up through love.

I still have days where I struggle with feeling defeated, but I’m learning to look at myself through new eyes that give myself a bit more grace these days.

On February 15th, I’m taking this idea of self love to another level. Instead of telling you what to do to get healthy, we’re focusing on a type of personal health that points to loving ourselves the way we are right now. If you would like to join me or invite your friends, join me by clicking here.

Give yourself a little extra grace this week because YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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