“Sometimes you gotta jump”

Are you feeling stretched to your limits?
Is your to-do list for the week still growing as you read this post?
Are you feeling like you can’t handle one more thing added to your week?

As I prepared for a trip a few days ago, I could already feel the stress affecting me as I made sure everything at home was taken care of and all the things I needed to do were done before I left.

Today’s post is short because I don’t want to waste your time and make you read a bunch of words. Instead, take five minutes today and go somewhere alone, even if that means going into a closet or sitting in your car, and reflect on whatever went well last week. Don’t worry about the things that put you in a bad mood or interrupted your week.

I know I always need to start the week with a few minutes of positivity 🙂

Also, check out this video from Steve Harvey (maybe later this week). He talks about finding your gift and rolling with it. If you haven’t found your gift yet, don’t worry. Maybe it’s time to spend some time thinking about that too.. I know, I know, so much thinking in one day 😛


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