Dream Big

Do you know you are worth it?! Whatever your it is, you are worth pursuing it!

Today, I’m thinking about childhood dreams and how I believed I could be whatever I wanted to be. I was not fearful of looking weird or doing something dangerous. I considered those dangerous things an adventure.

The world was my playground, my obstacle to conquer (not just overcome, but to forcefully take control of). 

I wonder what the exact number of no’s I received that made me stop believing in those childhood dreams. When did reality destroy those dreams and coax me to stop dreaming big dreams?

Was it a particular event or a certain person?

When did I become “too grown up” to dream?

All that doesn’t really matter now though because I’ve decided to take my dreams back out of the tiny box I was told to put them in. I’ve decided to let my mind wander to those places of hidden desires and dream about what could be.

But I don’t want us to stop there. 

Would you dream with me for a moment?

Would you take 30 minutes today to pull out some paper and a pen and write down all the possibilities of what could be? Don’t worry about your current circumstances or the limitations you see that could hold you back.

So there’s your challenge this week, dream! 

Dream big, dream wild. Because you are worth it! 

P.S. If you’re on Instagram or Facebook, tag me @alaynagwilson in a picture of your dream sheet and challenge someone else to take 30 minutes.

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