2015 In Review

When I look back on last year’s events, trips, and projects, I’m overwhelmed. It seems that I have forgotten a few details, but what I do remember are the people, the laughter, the tears, and how I feel now.

There were joyful weddings, new life, death, and heartbreak. Goals were made, accomplished, and some broken. What happened in 2015, doesn’t define us, and yet it does to some extent.

I am who I am because of my experiences and the lessons learned last year and years before.

The year ahead promises many things, but I don’t want to focus on all I can do in 2016, but instead my attitude toward my goals, my friends, and my family. I wish to be more positive; the person I want to be.

A couple years ago, I read One Thousand Gifts,  which focused on how an attitude of thanksgiving can create an attitude of joy, even in a negative situation.

One of the activities suggested was to keep a list counting all the gifts God has given and offer thanks for it. I noticed my gifts began as larger things, such as my house, family, etc., to ordinary gifts like sunshine, and eventually evolved to offering thanks for the inconveniences that at first did not seem like gifts.

Well, in an attempt to recapture that thankful attitude, I decided to choose GRACE as my word for 2016. I want my eyes opened to the graces given to me by both people and Christ. I also want to be intentional to show grace to others, especially those who I disagree with.

To help me stay accountable and remember to count my blessings, I’ve created a Facebook group. Will you join me in making 2016 a year of thanksgiving? Click here to join.

Whether you join me or not, I hope you have a wonderful year with lots of laughter and joy!

What would your word of the year be? Tell me below in the comment section 🙂

Happy New Year!!


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  1. Sil says:

    Positive, keeps coming to mind. Out with Negative in with Positive.


    1. Alayna says:



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