Too Many Reasons To Not Quit

Every Saturday it’s the same thing. I wake up anticipating how far I need to run and planning what I’ll do if I don’t make my goal. I then check The Weather Channel app to see when the warmest part of the day will be.

After running for what I had thought had been an exceptional period of time, I looked down to find out I had only ran 1.5 miles! At that moment I wanted to give up and even told myself that after last weekend’s run, I could afford to do a shorter run this week.

There were so many reasons for me to give up and focus on the the negative things that were holding me back- it’s too cold, my usual running path was blocked, I ran too slow, this sweatshirt is making me too warm. But I noticed when I thought about all those things, I wanted to give up more.

Once again, I had to focus on how far I’ve come the past few weeks and even the last few months- I am strong enough, one continuous mile use to be hard, last week I ran 7 miles.

Isn’t it strange how much easier it is to listen to those negative voices saying we can’t succeed versus those voices that build us up. Too often I find the negative voices are much louder than the positive ones. Maybe it’s really that I give them much more space in my mind.

No matter what voice is speaking to you today, I hope that you take some time to remember the good things about yourself and those things that are going right for you.


Running Stats for Nov 28

  • Goal 7 miles, Actual 7.63
  • Time 1:19:10
  • Pace 10’22”

Running Stats for Dec 5

  • Goal 8 miles, Actual 8.55
  • Time 1:31:43
  • Pace 10’43”

2 Comments Add yours

  1. lawrence says:

    I agree that it’s so easy to give up and quit. Progress can’t be made if we let that happen. Good on you for focusing on the positives and not letting the negatives affect you too much.


    1. Alayna says:

      Thanks for the encouragement!!

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