How to start 2016 without extra baggage

With Thanksgiving this week and holiday parties coming up, here’s a few tips to make sure you start 2016 without needing to get rid of the 5-10 pounds you didn’t have before the holidays.

1. Start Now
The best way to avoid having to work extra hard after the holidays is to start making healthier choices today. By starting early, you will set yourself up for success and not feel so defeated by the time all the holiday magic is over.

2. Politely Decline
You don’t have to try every cookie, every dessert, and every extra spoonful offered to you. Don’t make a big deal about watching what you eat to your hosts. If you feel like you must try everything, take smaller portions and slow down in between servings so you can recognize when you are full.

3. Think Small
Your goals for the new year (and the last part of this year) don’t have to be big; they must be doable. Maybe your goal should be to workout 2-3 days a week or cook a healthy meal twice a week.

Whatever you want to work on in 2016, think of one small way you can start working on it today!

Want a little help taking back the holidays? Sign up for my next Facebook group here. We’ll be implementing the ideas here to make sure we don’t start 2016 with extra baggage.

happy holidays!

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