On Saturdays I Run

Two observations I made after reversing my running route: 1) there are more hills than I remembered and 2) running apps should give extra credit for running uphill.

There have now been three weeks when I have used Saturdays as my longer running days.

The first Saturday I had a cinnamon bun for breakfast and went running afterward. It was bad. I didn’t make it but halfway to my goal. On week two, I surpassed my goal by a half mile. Week three led me to running an extra .86 past my 5 mile goal.

I’m not sure how long or even if this trend will repeat itself, but for now I am proud of how far I’ve come. Last year, I could only run two, sometimes three miles on a really good day.

I know this could not have happened without dialing in my nutrition and becoming regular with my other workouts, which has only happened over the past few months.



  • Goal mileage 5
  • Actual mileage 5.86
  • Average pace 10’17”
  • Time 1:00:18

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