Saturday I ran

One of the things I have been meaning to do for years now is to get better at running. I know “get better” is not really a great goal, so I’ll explain.

For years I have enjoyed the thought of running, but not the activity of running. I even took a 1 hour elective running class in college! I’ve ran off and on since then barely pushing past 3 miles only to get a 5k t-shirt. (Are you beginning to sense my pitifulness?)

With that being said, getting better at running for me is making it a consistent appointment in my calendar and upping my mileage every Saturday.

On Saturday, it was cold, at least cold enough that I didn’t want to run. I usually run with my dogs but have noticed they get tired around the two mile mark and I needed to run more than that and I left their disappointed faces at home.

I put on my running shorts along with a sweatshirt. I borrowed my husband’s cool earbuds then started some music and my running app.

Around the 1.96 mark, my shoulder started hurting, the kind of pain that makes you start to feel woozy. I ran a new route and was starting to become discouraged that I had only ran half of my goal distance. A few seconds of rest, and I pushed on, changing my path again.

As I fought the urge to turn back home and give up, I began thinking about all of the things I’ve been preaching to my challenge group members- One step at a time, You can do this, One good decision helps make the next decision easier, What are you doing today to get you closer to your goal?

Have you ever preached to yourself? It’s amazing how much power my attitude can have over my actions.

I kept going. I ran past our house seeing that I was only at 3.76. I ran an extra loop where I usually take the dogs. I ran past the mailboxes trying to not look at my current distance or time. Saturday was not about time. It was about me running my predetermined distance.

Once I got back home I was surprised to learn not only had I met my goal, but I had exceeded by a little over half a mile and my time was great not just for a longer run, but even for my shorter runs!!

I don’t know if this Saturday I’ll have the same experience as the last, but I am proud of myself for sticking with my plan even when I wanted to give up. Consistency really does start by making one choice at a time.



  • Goal 4 miles
  • Actual miles 4.51
  • Average pace 10’13”
  • Time 46:12

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