Names of Meaning 


There’s something special about a name. It’s personal. Whether you go by your given name, your middle name, or a nickname, that name holds special meaning to you. 

My Dad mostly calls me by my middle name, as well as many who knew me growing up in 4-H and showing horses. That name is special to me because only family and people who were around me during that time period call me Grace. 

During highschool I had a few people who called me by my last name, that too was special because my name was unique and it set me apart from a lot of people. 

Now most people use my first name. I like it, but it doesn’t really hold much meaning to me with such frequent usage. I much prefer Awina, given to me by my two-year old niece. Plus, who doesn’t love a nickname that’s somewhat included in a Disney song?! 

I once heard to make a close connection with someone you just met it’s helpful to say their name frequently to show you’re engaged. I don’t know if this works for everyone, but I know it makes me feel special when someone I just met actually calls me by name. 

  I’ve been studying the names of God for awhile now. I never knew there were so many with such a variety of meanings! I imagined such, but didn’t actually know it to be true. 

I am fascinated by languages and learning new words. I may not be fluent but I do get excited when I learn a new name and the reference behind it. 

I don’t know if God gets the same joy when I use (and most likely butcher) His name. However, using different names makes me look at His character and the events that led up to people calling Him Elohim (Creator God) or Yahweh Yireh (The Lord will provide). 

Jehovah Rapha (The Lord is my Healer) is one of my favorites, as well as Yahweh Yireh. They both remind me I’m not an exception to the promises God gives to His people. Even though my current struggles may seem overwhelming and my desires may seem invisible to Him, He is still God. 

He alone can pick me up when I’m down. He alone can fulfill me. No human can fill whatever need or brokenness I have. He is the ultimate satisfaction whether I want to see it or not. 

No person, coffee, workout, or lifestyle can breathe the kind of life in me that He promises. The largest sum of money or the most precious of possessions cannot give me the joy and contentment I desire. 

When I turn toward The King to see Him in His glory, my cares can be given over to Him. He gladly awaits to lift me up from my knees and restore my broken heart. He wants to fill the brokenness with His goodness though I often seek His help after I have failed to bring about my own restoration. 

As He lifts me up, He gives me a new name. One of hope. He calls me My Beloved. Chosen. Clean. Beautiful. Worthy of Love. 

May we rest in the goodness of who God is today. There will be struggles, there will be hard circumstances. But there is a God who loves you, who is waiting for you to turn to Him with your armful of battle scars and raggedy bandages covering old wounds. I pray we allow Him to heal us as only He can. 

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