Comfortable Silence 


There’s been a few weeks that have passed by since my last blog post. I’ve been dealing (actually ignoring) with self-doubt. It’s easy for me to know what everyone else wants me to do, but it’s harder to recognize exactly what I want. 

After listening (twice) to Jon Acuff’s audio book Start, I finally realized something that I can’t stop doing and that had been present in most stages of my life- learning new things and writing.

 I’m a fan of the written word. All you have to do is see how many notebooks I’ve filled over the years and the enormous collection of some unrelated books I keep around.  

 Still, I get lost in figuring out what to share with others as far as what’s appropriate and what may be too personal to share. 

After reading Psalm 30, I was confronted with the fact that this time, right here and now, is the only time I have to speak Hashem– The Name. 

This is the name in which I believe whole-heartedly. I believe Hashem is greater than any other name. I believe there is power just in whispering it. 

Something happens to me when I speak the names of God. There’s something sacred in knowing His names and knowing the context behind them with which His people invoked them so long ago. Though I am not Jewish, through His name, I have a connection to Moses, Jacob, and Solomon. And yet, I keep silent about His name too often, afraid of assuming I am a people-hating “Christian.” 

I’m not sure what the next step is for my life, but I do know that it starts with me writing. This is the one thing I know I can do to make His name known. 
My planner has a quote for everyday of the week. This was today’s:

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. -Hebrews 10:24

This is the motivation behind Imperfection Refinery. I hope by sharing my struggles, you will be encouraged that we are not defined by the imperfections, but are seen as whole and complete in God’s eyes for those who believe Him and seek Him. 

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