Yahweh Roi 

Yahweh Roi means The Lord is My Shepherd. 

As I am learning this name, my study took me to Psalm 23. I think most people who have ever stepped into a church have heard this common Psalm. I memorized it when I was little and could say it to you super fast without thinking about the words or even the meaning behind it. That’s how much it has been engraved into my mind. 

However, my study encouraged me to read the first sentences slowly and asked me to imagine I am the sheep. How do I feel? What is the meaning behind the passage mentioning a table, etc.

As quickly as I can recite this chapter, I thought maybe it would be a better exercise to paraphrase it into a prayer, reminding me what it means to know The Lord as my Shepherd. 

With you being my Shepherd, I have no other needs. You provide for me. You allow me to rest in goodness. You bring me to food and water. You care for my earthly needs. I have no fear of drowning because You prepare the way for me. When I am desperate, and needy, and exhausted, You bring restoration. You fill me again with Your Spirit. Yahweh Roi, You bring glory to your name when You lead me in the way of righteousness. People will know You as I seek to do what it right. Though death is inevitable, You will not abandon me. You will be with me through my earthly death and into my heavenly life. Your correction also comforts me because I know You are here. I know that You love me still even when I falter from Your ways. When I have people who wish to harm me, You remain my safe place. I can rest in Your presence. I can sit down and eat knowing that You will protect me while I nourish my body and soul with Your Word. You have called me Yours. You don’t just provide for me; You give me way more than I need to survive. Your goodness and love are present in my life. There’s no way I can dismiss Your presence here. I have seen and felt the evidence of You in my life. Because of this, I trust that Your promises are true and that I will live in Your house forever when I leave this earth. Let it be so. 

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