Distracted Seeker

I often use several books to help me study God’s Word. I skip frantically from one text to the next. Somedays they’re separate messages, and other days they somehow connect.

Recently, I’ve noticed that I’m retaining very little from my quiet times with Jesus, even after asking to be taught.

A couple of days ago, as I sat down trying to decide if I wanted to start reading Psalms, my little Beth Moore book, or open up The Names of God, I sat still. I let my mind slow down and attempted to listen.

There’s a reason James tells us let every person be quick to listen. It does not come easy for us. I, personally, would rather read, and not “waste” time doing nothing but listening.

In that 30 seconds of listening, I realized that instead of flipping through resource after resource seeking to learn truth, I was ignoring the one book I should have been seeking out first- the Bible. God’s spoken Word. Recorded for me to learn from. The earliest and most reliable resource for seeking wisdom.

And here I am ignoring it, distracted by other authors! 

How could I have missed that? Why did I miss that?

The greatest resource of all time is in my lap. Right in front of me. And I didn’t think once just to open it up and begin reading, letting the Holy Spirit, God-with-us, teach me with His own work.

Friends, I love Bible studies and books that point me to Jesus, but they should be second to the Bible itself. If you’re like me and always looking for the next book to study, I encourage you to look no further than the Author’s own book.

Let us first seek His Word and let the other resources compliment His work. I promise you, the Bible is one of those powerful works that will not escape your mind. May we be in awe of the stories within it’s bound pages, and let it’s word penetrate our hearts to create change that produces love and good fruits.

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